Light. Sound. Time. Movement.

Elements of the landscape transform to realize a new space within. A portal to another sensory dimension.


These images are generated from field recordings taken from a variety of landscapes, both natural and industrial.  The audio information from the locations is converted into light information and displayed in real-time on a LED strip via an Arduino.  The color and brightness of the light are determined by the frequency and loudness of the sound being inputted. The sound wave is transformed into a light wave.

The final image is captured in a long exposure photograph by pulling the LED strip across the width of the frame while inputting the audio from the location.  The result is a composition made out of light and landscape. Not only does the work allow the viewer to see the sounds of a location represented as light, color and pattern, transformed from the audible to the optical, but it also allows one of the oldest subjects in art to be seen in a new way.